Ikaryaku Translator

Ikaryaku is one of my favorite mangas right now. Unfortunately, we have no translator for the series. That makes me want to cry, in a kind of sarcastic, I don’t really mean it way.

The synopsis for Ikaryaku is that it’s a gag manga. There’s no real storyline to it. A girl starts working in a new gaming store and she has to put up with the crap of the 3 owners. By the mangaka of Hellsing, Hirano Kouta, it’s a very funny manga. It is, however, difficult to translate. There is no furigana, and there are many puns aimed towards Japanese culture (Mostly anime, manga, entertainers, pop singers), but the chapters come out once per month and they are 8 pages long. Since we only released up to chapter 04, there’s a gap between us and the total chapters serialized in Japan.

If you’re willing to apply, you’d need to understand and translate a page like this:

If you’re interested, send me a PM on IRC or the forums.

Thanks for reading,


PS: I’d be willing to accept a joint too.

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