News & Manhole 06

Okay, first the interesting stuff. We’ve released Manhole 06 today! As usual, available on our IRC channel and will later be available for DDL. This is an awesome chapter in so many ways.
DIRECT DOWNLOAD (by Guybrush 😉

Now for the boring shit… Yeah, the news. Overall news.

We’ve had a release for every day in July! Hooray! We’re still pretty under-staffed. Need a lot of Editors & Typesetters. Mostly, we need Blood+ Editors. On our forums, we’ve had a lot of people who applied, but very little who gave any effort or actually sent back the test. The test is supposed to be difficult, because you’re gonna be expected to do pages like that if assigned some chapters. We have all of volume 3 translated, but the lack of Editors isn’t making the project go any faster. The only thing we DON’T need is Proofreaders.

I’d also like to have a specific Shonan Jun’ai Gumi typesetter. I’ve been typesetting Shonan Jun’ai Gumi and I’m kinda over-loaded with work. I would be pretty happy if someone could take my workload from this series so I can focus on other ones.

More staff means faster releases (And maybe more new series if we can get some translators :p Unlikely, though). And if we get more staff, we could maybe release for the whole first week or August… Maybe.

Thanks for reading, and if you’re interested in joining, don’t hesitate to apply.

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