Uh… hi?

So uh… Yeah, hi.

My name is GGpX, and I’m an alcoholic.

I came to this 12-step program because I have an– oh shit. I came to the wrong place… Sorry.

Hi, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. The desk is dusty. And someone stole all of my pens. (The jerk)

So I guess I’ll give a series update on everything.

Battle Royale 2: Blitz Royale

To be honest, I don’t know what’s going on with this. We haven’t dropped it, but we aren’t really working on it. I’ll translate (fr -> eng) the last 2 chapters of v1 when I have some free time.

We’re looking for raws for the second volume. Preferably two types; One to edit (Probably Japanese) & One to translate (French)


We have up to ch12 translated by our translator tokiyasama85 (That’s the end of volume 3). We have all of v2 typesetted, but it’s in the QC session I believe. I’ll also want to check out the typesetting for it.

We’re looking for v4 & 5 (I heard Blood+ ended with the 5th volume) raws to translate. I’ll want to scan volume 3-4-5 myself. We could also use an editor & maybe a typesetter for the series

Also, just so you know, we might be picking up Blood+ A in the future. There was someone on MangaHelpers who was interested in doing it & our translator for Blood+ is also interested in it. So, since 2 + 2 obviously =’s to 5, we might work on it. Like Blood+, it’ll be a volume release.

Chrno Crusade

This is basically done, except that we have one chapter left in volume 7 to release. It’s a bonus chapter. After that, we should be done with it.

Dragon Head

We got ch72 translated not too long ago.


Eden is, unfortunately, dropped. Unless some kind of miracle happens.

Elfen Lied

Ischemia, where art thou? (I really don’t know how to speak that kind of English, makes me look dumb if anything.) Chapter 76 is in QC with DarKClaW. When he’s done with it (I don’t know when) it should be released.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR EDITORS FOR THIS SERIES. Experienced if possible. There are a lot of difficult redraws. And you’ll be working with .TIF files which are pretty big.

Fruits Basket

I don’t know what’s going on with this yet.

Full Metal Panic

We have 17-18 translated. I think they’re both in QC (But don’t quote me on it). We need a translator for this series unless we can get our old one back.


A lot of editing work to do. If you’re interested in helping us edit it, PM me on IRC.

Gantz Manual

Still looking for a translator. We aren’t going anywhere with this until we do get a translator.

Get Backers

Dropped. Took too much time & effort to work on it, plus you have the shit heads with their half-assed TokyoPop scans of it. So, sorry.

H-Mangas (Roshutsugurui)

This will be stalled until we get our translator back (If we do get him back). If there’s a translator out there who wants to do it, and maybe do H one-shots, I won’t mind. I’m still looking to get that FMP doujin translated… sigh ._.


I’ll try to catch up on the chapters we haven’t done yet soon.

Jushin Enbu

We had a joint with M7 going on late last year, but after I had half of the first chapter (well more like 45% but whatever) my HDD got fucked. Fun stuff. So my motivation to do the series from the magazine pages kinda strayed away, and thus, we’ll be doing the tanks whenever they come out.

Old Boy

Old Boy is done, we completed a manga (Wait, we did? Holy shit.). It was fun to work with Null, and I hope Dragonhead will continue to go on smoothly.

Shonan Jun’ai Gumi

So here’s the thing. We have chapter 51 translated. But nothing after that because our translator (HisshouBuraiKen) is too busy. He might have time to help us in the summer. In the meantime, we’ll either have to wait until then or find a new translator.

Space Adventure Cobra

All of volume 2 is translated, we’re just looking for editors & typesetter.

The Return of the Doran Cat 2

We’ll wait for CainCain to translate the chapters. Until then, we wait.

I hope I updated everyone accordingly. Uh… What else…

Oh, right, DarKClaW is a cutie pie.

Bye ~

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