Hey everybody,
Um, so, I know that we promised daily releases… and it’s been a few days since a release…
BUT! We have every intention of making it up to you in full.
First of all we have two releases for you right now: Get Backers volume 2 (yep, the whole volume, that’s like 8 releases plus some right there!) and Shounan Junai Gumi Chapter 50!
But wait, there’s more. There’s going to be even more manga for you leechers released tonight (but it’s super special secret, so I can’t tell you).

Ok now, we’re dropping GB… so yeah… that’s less in the long run… WHICH ISN’T RELEVANT!
Enjoy the releases, sorry about the wait, wait in anticipation for tonight, and peace out!

SJG 50:
GetBackers Volume 2

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