We are back.

We’re sorry about the long wait. As you probably we have had quite a few difficulties to cope with, but things are gradually falling into place.
We’re back now though, so we’ve decided to have a release event!
We plan on releasing some amount of manga (anywhere from 1 chapter to a whole volume) every night for an undisclosed (aka unknown) amount of time!
So keep checking the site and idling in our IRC channel for more updates.
Anyway, although we only have 1 chapter of Gantz for you tonight, we will have more in the near future and hopefully should be caught up soon.
Thank you all for being so patient with us during our hiatus. It was greatly apprecciated.
Have fun reading as the next battle of Gantz starts heating up and tons of innocents are killed. :p
(p.s. If this sounds similar to the chapter rant, that’s because it is. Just warning you.)

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