Gantz within 24H… Achieved. [DDL/Torrent Available]

Just GGpX promised all you Gantz fanboys out there… Gantz 239 is out 🙂

Along with the latest Gantz, there are more releases to keep it in good company:
Shonan Junai Gumi – Volume 6 Chapter 48
Fruits Basket – Chapters 126-128.

Oh… by the way guys.

Those releases will be only on our IRC channel for the next 12 hours… so if you want it… JOIN OUR HORDE!

Click here to get into our IRC channel.

[GGpX Edit]
We concede victory!
Gantz 239 torrent

Fruit Basket 126-128 torrent

Shonan Junai Gumi cpt 48

[GGpX Edit again]

DDL links are up on the forums. Enjoy!

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