New banner. Again. Updated. Kinda. And other stuff.

Okay so basically in the middle of the night, we got a friendly guy come into our IRC chat. Here’s the log.

joins: riod ( [55 users]
«riod» !Gantz
«riod» guys of illuminati-manga here’s a file for you 🙂;=B0E7BD5B45AC5D0C
«riod» my mail is ABCDEFG@HIJK.LMN
«!Deus_Gear» ?
«riod» tell me if you liked it
parts: riod ( [54 users][Email censored to keep privacy]

So, thanks for the banner. Now we look like an 100% authentic Shoujo group! Which is partially true, we work on Furuba and Gantz which are considered the Queen and Princess of Shoujo. So, it fits us fine ~

Merci bien. Je t’envoyerais un couriel plus tard. ;o

That was French for anyone curious.

On another note, our next Gantz release will be IRC only for the first 12 hours. We’ll also have (probably) have some other releases to go with it. We’ll hopefully have Gantz 239 released 24 to 48 hours after the public raw has appaears. After the first 12 hours, we’ll put it on DDL & Torrent.


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