We’re 1 now!

Well, well, who’d a though… My English is so-so, so if my post is full of typos, then… uh… I dunno, go read a literary masterpiece instead.

So, we’re a year old now. Not bad for a group that was bashed hardcore for the first 2 projects we picked up. Awesome way to start, right?

In celebration to surviving a full year, we’ve released a bunch of stuff! (If you want to know what it was, skip to the bottom of the post)

Looking back, I’m surprised and… well… not that surprised we’ve lasted a year. Surprised in the way that we started out as a bunch of newbs that knew as much as the next guy (Nothing) and not that surprised because we always seemed to have fun while doing the scanlations. Unlike some other groups (Not pointing fingers or slinging some out…), we never just logged on IRC to ask “Yeah, what’s next to do?”. We logged on, and we had fun.

The group was originally made by coolerimmortal & seal_broken (Both of the which have left to hopefully bigger & better things) to have Gantz Manual scanlated. 1 year later, we have nothing to show for it. We haven’t given up, mind you. If we could get a translator or two to help us out (hint hint), it might get done ;p

Anyway, I have a little rant. Illuminati-Manga is a non-profit group. We make scanlations for fun and for the public to enjoy. Unlike groups like Jinchuurikir/NarutoBuzz/BleachBuzz, we will NEVER ask for you to donate money for us to continue our scanlations. Please, do not support thieves like these.

That being said, the releases! Special thanks to illiteracy, Yuumei and especially lambchopsil for working like crazy bastards to get a lot of these done.

-Battle Royale 2: Blitz Royale Chapter 06
-Blood+ Volume 1
-Dragon Head Chapters 60-62
-Fruits Basket Volume 21 (Chapters 120-125)
-Full Metal Panic Chapter 16
-Old Boy Chapters 25-34
-Shonan Jun’ai Gumi Chapters 045-046

Enjoy, and thank you for your continued support!

Illuminati-Manga Leader (I guess)

PS: We’re lonely on the forums. Sure, it’s dark and eerie but it’s a nice place–I swear!

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