Update… Kind of.

Okay, here’s a few updates.

-Old news, but maybe new to some of you! We’ve dropped To LoveRU & History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi. To LoveRU was dropped because of lack of staff and the fact that KEFI has been a good job on it. Better job than us? Well, that’s a different story. History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi is dropped because it was an “individual” (He did most of the work on it) project by Saithan, and he left. He officially released chapter37, which was the cue for us to drop it. We wish the best of luck to Saithan in all of his future projects.

-We’ve been getting some old projects back on the road! This week we should be getting a few releases. Gantz 236 raw should be out tomorow. Chrno Crusade’s translator is back and we should have one, maybe two chapters out this week. Shonan Jun’ai Gumi is also going to have 1-2 chapter out in the next 1-2 weeks. If we’re lucky, more.

-We’ll have releases from some of our new projects (hopefully). One is a pretty big chapter… Around 17 megs for 35 pages :p Another is still being translated, while some others are just being organized.

-We’ve gotten a nice influx of people from our last Gantz release. Thank you very much for applying. We’re still looking for new Editors for our projects and DEDICATED Typesetters for a few projects (So that I can have a work load removed from me).

-Translators. Always translators. Dedicated translators for Shonan Jun’ai Gumi (Has furigana), Full Metal Panic (Has furigana), Gantz (Does NOT have furigana) & Eden (Does NOT have furigana) would always be appreciated. Otherwise, the releases will continue to be slow (Outside of Gantz, but that TLer already has his hands full).

-Last but not least, visit us on IRC! #illuminati-manga @ irc.irchighway.net.

Have fun,

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