A bunch of releases we forgot to mention

Okay… where do we begin…

We’ve released:

The Return of the Durian Cat 2 ch1 v2 (v3 coming soon, sorry)
The Return of the Durian Cat 2 ch2

There’ll be more of this in the following weeks.

Elfen Lied 45
Elfen Lied 46

Work’s progressed in the last little while. Hopefully we’ll be able to provide you with a faster pace than the last month.

In other news:

-Get Backers is back on. The joint we were suppost to do with #Fucking-Manga a few months ago is going to start soon.
-A few releases should be coming soon. Some HSDK, some Chrno Crusade, some (hopefully) Durian Cat, and a new project.
-Drop by our IRC to yell at Deus (Specfically for that).

Okay, bye!


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