Busou Renkin Double Release

Busou Renkin Chapters 18 and 19
Hey there folks.
This is me, someone2040 bringing to you a new project that Tokiyasama and I are working on. However, it’s just not the two of us this time, we’ve got a few more editors working, so no more late nights for me! (Well, technically since I’m on holidays for a fortnight, I guess I’ll be doing that anyway). I hope that with this project being taken up, we’ll see some more people getting interested in it. So go take a look, this starts at the beginning of Volume 3.
For those new to Buosu Renkin, the previous releases of Busou Renkin can be found at BWYS Website except chapter 17, which you can find elsewhere (on IRC, or maybe some site has it, I know stoptazmo does).
So lets hope this project all goes well!

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