What's it do?
At its simplest, it's an application that provides hotkeys for performing useful tasks in Photoshop. These hotkeys:
  • Insert text
  • Navigate a list of PSDs
  • Increase/Decrease text size
  • Apply user created text styles
Beyond that, it allows the user to create and manage lists of text styles.
What do I need?
There are two things needed to start using it:
  • A script containing the text you need to typeset.
  • The PSD files that you're going to set the text in.
After the program has those things, it provides you with an interface and hotkeys to interact with Photoshop.
Where do I start?
This version takes a bit of a departure from the previous one in that it uses a "wizard" approach to loading/linking your script to its pages. So, it makes sense to start at the beginning of the process.

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