Entering Your Script
Here's what you'll see when you open up the program: The first tab is for entering your script, either by pasting it into the textbox or loading it through the link, [load one from a file]. After you've entered your script (either by pasting or loading text file), the program will automatically parse it and move you on to the next tab.
Finalizing Your Parsed Script
Here's what the parsed page will look like after entering a script: From here, you're given a few simple options for modifying your script into a (hopefully) more useful format. If you ever notice errors in the script, you can go back to the [ORIGINAL] tab and make changes then hit the [Parse] button to re-parse it and get back to the [PARSED] tab. The formatting options are split into two categories, [Remove] and [Convert], and they do what they imply. None of the changes affect the original script, so feel free to experiment.
Remove Options
  • Parenthesis - removes text encapsulated by parenthesis. It would change "This is a (stupid) example" to "This is a example".
  • Brackets - removes text encapsulated by brackets. It would change "This is a [stupid] example" to "This is a example".
  • Curly Braces - removes text encapsulated by curly braces. It would change "This is a {stupid} example" to "This is a example".
  • ???? - removes characters not based on the latin alphabet, arabic numerals, or punctuation.
  • Speaker Text - if your script is formatted in a way that denotes speakers/narration as "Harry: this is another stupid example", it would remove "Harry:" and leave you with the statement.
Convert Options
  • ?! -> !? - converts all instances of [?!] to [!?].
  • !? -> ?! - converts all instances of [!?] to [?!].
  • -> ... - converts all ellipses characters to three periods.
  • ...+ -> ... - converts series of more than three periods to exactly three periods.
  • Normalize Quotes - sometimes the program will have trouble with open/close quotes/apostrophes. So, this will replace all open/end versions with the default one.
Moving on
After you've finished formatting your script, hit the [Onward] button to continue.

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