Happy birthday to me… [+ the hangover release]

Happy birthday to me… Haaaaaappy birthday…

(I decided to celebrate my birthday with you assholes. Cue the foreveralone.jpg pics)

I posted a story that happened to me a few weeks ago below the releases. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. Assholes.

As usual, we’re looking for staff to increase our release speeds. If you’re interested, pm me on irc or e-mail me. If I’m slow to email you, I’m sorry. I’m slow.

Alice in Hell 16 (!Alice16 !AIH16) – A new chapter of Alice, yay. First chapter of v3. MILLLLLLK!!!!

Dog Soldier v01 (!Dog01 !Soldier01) – SARUWATARI MOTHERFUCKERS. I’ve been waiting years, literally years, to scanlate this series. I’m incredibly happy & proud to release this volume with Hokuto no Gun & HappyScans!. You can go thank them on their sites. (This release is also dedicated to Daryl Surat, enjoy it you bastard.)

Little Forest v02 End (!Forest02 !LF02) – Powerful laika3! It took us a while to finish the second volume, but it’s done now. Houray~ With a Little Forest movie coming out soon, you should read this if you like a laid back manga about nature & food. And Igarashi Daisuke is a baaaaad motherfucker. A big thank you to our buddies in HotCakes for their help on the series. Much <3 🙂

Prologue-Gymnopedies- (!Gymno !pedies)  – This is a collection of short stories that were published as web manga. laika liked it & decided on a whim to do ’em. Powerful laika. Read ’em and enjoy them, they’re small bites of life.

We were supposed to release something else, but it didn’t make it on time. So whatever, we’ll release it tomorrow (assuming it’s done then).

Snow Ridge, Sword Dance (!Ridge !SRSD) – Hourah! We’ve started working on this a long time ago. Had it cleaned, but could never find someone to translate it. A few said yes, but backed off. And then I talked Hox into doing it and BAM, it’s finally done. You guys should go to Hox’s site and thank him. The last thing we need to do is write a synopsis, but I couldn’t write one to save my life. Anyway these are two stories that aren’t long enough to be published as volumes by themselves, so they were put into one volume. One is about politics in feudal Japan (I believe it’s based on a true story) and the other is about samurais. Well worth a read. It’s our first Iwaaki Hitoshi manga since Heureka many moons ago, so go read it, son!

As usual, all of that is available on the online reader & DDL if you’re registered on the forums. If you can’t see the DL forums after registering, post here and I’ll bug the webmaster to see if he can fix it.

Now for my embarrassing story…

.:20·06·02:. «GGpX» So for the last 3 or so weeks, I’ve been walking home from work.
.:20·06·22:. «GGpX» Today it rained all day and when I finsihed working, it stopped. So silly me, I figured all the rain had fallen already.
.:20·06·35:. «blueberryAFK» hm
.:20·06·35:. «blueberryAFK» mhm*
.:20·06·36:. «GGpX» 5 mins after I start walking, it starts raining. A lot.
.:20·06·40:. «blueberryAFK» hahaha
.:20·06·43:. «GGpX» All the way ’til I get home.
.:20·06·54:. «GGpX» I’m soaked. Head to toe (Although my butt was dry)
.:20·06·54:. «blueberryAFK» wow how long is the walk
.:20·07·00:. «GGpX» 90 minutes or so
.:20·07·09:. «blueberryAFK» wow
.:20·08·37:. «GGpX» Anyway!
.:20·08·46:. «blueberryAFK» yep?
.:20·08·59:. «GGpX» I get home, I start getting undressed, and because I’m thirsty as hell, I go to get water from the fridge.
.:20·09·02:. «GGpX» Only thing is,
.:20·09·27:. «GGpX» I was naked (everything was off) and my door was open and… the neighbor’s wife saw me & I heard a shriek.
.:20·09·34:. «blueberryAFK» HAHAHAHAHAHA
.:20·10·59:. «GGpX» Moral of the story, lose weight if you want to walk around your house naked.
.:20·11·05:. «GGpX» (Not you, me)

Happy birthday… to me…


11 Thoughts to “Happy birthday to me… [+ the hangover release]”

  1. hahhah42

    Seems to me the moral of the story is to make sure you shut the door before walking around naked… Unless of course you want to be seen…

    When I try to go to the private download forum, I see:

    Oh bother! No topics were found here!

    Perhaps there’s a post requirement or something?

    Anyways, Happy Birthday GGpX! I’ll celebrate by reading Little Forest from the beginning again.

  2. G

    Glad to see more Igarashi Daisuke. Thanks.

  3. GGpX


    There shouldn’t be, but I’ll email the webmaster about it.

  4. MazMaz

    Happy birthday, GG!
    That story is worthy of being posted on fml.

  5. Dave

    Great story, and thanks for the releases!

  6. flab

    maybe it is late but Happy birthday to you…

    the private Download forum says : “Oh bother! No topics were found here!”
    If the webmaster can fix it…

    Thank you very much !

  7. BlazingSS4


    Happy Birthday man!
    Thanks alot for Soilder Dog! So much SARUWATARI goodness ^^ …..
    How’s Dokuro Volume 2 coming along? Any indications on whether TOUGH will be dropped? lol sorry just being curious here. 🙂

  8. zindryr

    Sorry for the download forum issues. I’ll look into it when I get a spare moment. The permissions for our forum software are a bit weird and GGpX and I can see the threads but I didn’t notice no one else could.

  9. GGpX


    Same problem as always for Tough. Lack of a skilled redrawer.

  10. capsaicin

    Do you have any plans for “Saru”? I believe that’s the last Igarashi series of note (aside from his two series about a cat).

  11. GGpX


    Maybe eventually we’ll do it. But as it stands, it’s not really a priority or anything. I haven’t even bought the books.

    We’ve started a few things already that we’ll have to finish before we get started on something else.

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